Who is Satoshi Nakamoto?

The question of who is Satoshi Nakamoto is will confound theorists for years to come. The truthful answer is simple; nobody knows. There are several theories circulating about this man, and his supposed connection to the creation of bitcoin. Some believe that Satoshi Nakamoto is a person. They believe that he lives in California, is 64 years old, and teaches school part time. They believe that he created bitcoin and that he has over $400 Million in bitcoins that he can call his own. The man suspected of being Satoshi Nakamoto is actually named Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto, an out of work programmer and electrical engineer from Temple City.   This man has refuted the allegations that he is the founder of bitcoin, and has even hired a lawyer to get people to leave him alone. He is a very quiet and private individual, and he professes that someone used his middle and last names to protect their completely different identity.

There are some who believe that “Satoshi Nakamoto” is simply a cover name for a group of people that are running the bitcoin empire from the guise of anonymity. There are several men who have been investigated for the suspicion by many that they are involved in a group that founded and produced this product, and now sit quietly in the background and try to control it. Both hypothesis stem from the uncovering of the 2008 publishing of the paper covering the bitcoin and its impact on digital currency, which was posted on the Cryptography mailing List. The mysterious Nakamoto is believed to have been the developer of the idea and product, but it is also believed that he is not working alone. Some names are known in regard to the design and implementation of the software, and they continue to be traced back to the same entity.

Most investigators believe that Nakamoto has continued to work on his constantly improving software over the years. However, it is also widely known that possession of the source code repository and alert key functions have been given up for someone else to control. He also gave up the bitcoin.org domain name to be owned and operated by various key members of the bitcoin community.

Whoever Satoshi Nakamoto was, or is, doesn’t really matter at this point in the world of trading and finance. That entity officially gave up control of the bitcoin power center and is obviously intent on staying out of the spotlight.